Distance running

Tulsa Athletics Club Distance Running

Would you rather run a good time or have a good time?

Take a look at most running groups or road races these days. Whatever it is they’re getting out of it, you’re not. Even other runners don’t seem to get what you do, let alone your friends and coworkers.

We get that. We get that a lot.

Road racing started TULSA ATHLETICS CLUB coach George Perry on the path to track & field. The training group he belonged to in the Washington, DC, area set the standard for a culture of competition and teamwork among “everyday runners” that he has not been able to find anywhere else. Those runners became friends, went out for coffee after practice and dinner and drinks at night, but they were there to train.

They were there, at the track, on dark snowy winter mornings or humid summer mornings, to do the work. Everything else came later.

How fast you are doesn’t matter. How determined you are to get faster does.

TULSA AC treats distance running like the competitive sport it is. Whether your goal is winning a 5K on the track or road, placing in your age group at the next half-marathon or running a Boston Marathon qualifier, TULSA AC is for distance runners who want to train with other runners as committed to it as they are themselves.