Athletics team

TULSA ATHLETICS CLUB athletics team is for jumpers, throwers and runners (mid-distance, sprints, hurdles) who want to train as a team, compete as a team and - as it would be in any other sport - be a part of a team. Our athletes hold themselves to the schedule, standards and culture of the team.

TULSA AC will be one of the first teams to compete in a new athletics league. Before those matches and after those matches, TULSA AC will be a team - just as they are during the matches.

One thing we hear from a lot of track & field athletes is how much they wish they had the camaraderie, the support, the accountability and the social aspects that come with a team. And, of course, cool things like team uniforms and training gear (eventually).

More than anything, they just want to be around people who “get” it.

We get it.

TULSA ATHLETICS CLUB is not a training enclave or camp. It’s not a place to get in shape and get a qual or a PR. It is an athletics team. If that sounds unusual or awkward, that’s OK. We’re among the first, and it won’t sound that way for long.